Roof restoration Adelaide

A quality roof restoration not only solves leak issues it also improves the appearance of your home, gives great street appeal and adds considerable value.

We offer a complete roof restoration service throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area and local country surrounds using the high quality Dulux Acratex membrane system. Call us today and book a free, no obligation roof restoration appraisal and quote.

  • Applies a waterproof membrane
  • Protects tiles from water absorption
  • Removes lichen, mould and moss
  • Long life UV resistant coating
  • Wide range of colours to suit your home
  • Rainwater tank and drinking water safe
  • Dulux product warranty 10 years

Dulux Acratex 962 roof membrane

Roof restoration Adelaide, roofing membrane

More than just a roof paint

We use the proven Dulux Acratex 962 roof coating system to give our customers the highest quality results. It’s applied with an anti mould and fungal treatment, then a quality Dulux primer sealant followed by the 962 top coat which comes in more than 30 standard colours as well as the Infracool heat reflective range.

Designed for Tile & Metal roofs

If you’ve got an old metal roof that is still is sound physical condition and water tight, then we can get it looking just like new. We have corrosion resistant primers that are specifically designed for metal roofs where standard or heat reflective top coats can be applied. Restoring a metal roof is a cost effective alternative to a complete roof replacement.

Backed by Dulux’s own 10 Year Warranty

The Trademan is an approved Dulux applicator so you’ll have the peace of mind with our expertise and with the added protection of Dulux’s own 10 year product warranty on roof restorations.

InfraCool Heat Reflective Technology

Infra cool heat reflective roof restoration

Designed to keep your home cooler in Summer

With the cost of electricity rising you can make great savings on your energy costs using Dulux’s Infracool roof membrane. Infracool is designed to reflect more of the Suns energy before it is absorbed into your roof which keeps your living areas cooler by reducing temperatures and making life easier.

Reduced energy use and costs

Infracool contains pigments that reflect the Suns invisible infra red radiation which accounts for up to 50% of the total light energy from the sun. The dark colours perform well and for example the Infracool Charcoal reflects 26.9% of total solar reflection compared to the standard charcoal coating which reflects 6.8% and tests have shown that the Infracool charcoal can be cooler by as much as ten degrees on a warm day. The Infracool range of pastel colours deliver greater than 70% total solar reflection, making them a popular roof restoration choice in Adelaide.

Tile roof restoration

We start with a thorough inspection and appraisal of your tile roof, capping and flashings to assess any work that needs doing and then provide you with a fixed price quotation.

Roof restoration roof cleaning

1. Your tiled roof will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised using Dulux 962 Prep Treat ensuring we remove all the built up debris, lichen and moss.

Roof restoration Adelaide re-pointing and re-bedding

2. Repointing or rebedding any ridge or hip caps followed by replacing damaged, broken or cracked tiles is then completed to ensure a water tight result prior to your new roof membrane being applied.

Roof restoration primer sealer application

3. Our experienced applicators then apply the Dulux 962 Primer/Sealer to ensure proper adhesion of the final coloured topcoats.

Roof restoration top coat

4. The coloured Dulux Acratex 962 topcoat is then applied to complete your new roof to complete the job and give your house the best protection from the elements and a beautiful new street appeal.

Steel roof restoration

An alternative to steel or metal roof replacement is a metal roof restoration. If your existing iron or metal roof is still in good physical condition our expert applicators can sterilise, prime and top coat with Dulux system designed specifically for steel roofs. Talk to our team today to arrange a no obligation appraisal and quote for your roof restoration Adelaide.

Steel roof restoration inspection

1. Thorough ‘on roof’ inspection and appraisal of your old metal roof.

Steel roof restoration cleaning

2. Your roof is thoroughly pressure cleaned. We will also replace any old nails with cyclone rated Tek screws and repair any flashings, gutters or cappings if required.

Steel roof restoration primer application

3. A corrosion resistant etch primer is applied to the whole roof ensuring a suitable bonding of your new Dulux membrane.

Steel roof restoration top coat application

4. Application of the final top coat giving your tired, old metal roof a new look and protection from the elements.

Interest free roof restoration

We understand that sometimes the need to get the job done isn’t always planned for, budgeted for or suits your financial outcomes. The Trademan can offer several Ezi-Trade interest free packages to make your project possible and financially stress free. Talk to us about financing your roof restoration Adelaide project. We’re here to help.

About The Trademan

Here at The Trademan and since 2005, we are a Telstra Business Awards winning building business specialising in providing quality friendly and professional service and advice to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing and guarantee that you won’t have to sit through long ‘hard sell’ sales presentations and gimmick offers. There’s no magic tricks, illusionary pricing or costed in ‘freebies’ but just great advice, pricing and the best possible service available for roof restorations in Adelaide.