Roofing Adelaide, a complete re roofing solution

Roofing Adelaide. Replace your old steel or tiled roof with a new lightweight and thermally efficient metal Colorbond® or Zincalume roof. Here at The Trademan, we offer the complete roof replacement service and will take care of the whole job including insulation and thermal blankets, removal and re installation of solar panels and also TV aerials and vent pipes.

  • We can solve your roof leaks
  • Friendly, professional & personalised service
  • Add style and value to your home
  • Widest range of colours and profiles
  • Replacement gutter, downpipe and fascia capping
  • Ezi-Trade interest free* terms available

Steel Colorbond® re roofing

Steel re roofing Adelaide

Strong light weight roofing Adelaide

Using the highest quality steel Colorbond or Zincalume roofing, gutters, downpipes and fascia capping, our qualified and expert roofing team will solve all of your roofing problems. There’s a wide range of roof sheet profiles to choose from to suit your application and the architectural style of your home.

We offer a friendly and professional personalised service and will meet with you at a time that fits to give you a guaranteed and fixed price quotation. We’re fully licensed and insured and our workmanship and materials are backed by industry leading warranties.

Tile strip and re roof

Tile strip and re roof

Take the weight off your roof

Over time roof tiles deteriorate and require increasing ongoing maintenance. Mould, moss and lichen can build up as the tiles take longer each year to dry out after the winter rains. Tiles become brittle and may break as with hip and ridge caps due to the seasonal movement, leaving your roof open to cracks and leaks. There’s also the enormous weight of the tiles on your roof frame and the potential for far more serious and costly damage to consider as the roof deteriorates over time. A new Bluescope Colorbond® roof is a great alternative to your old tired tiles giving you a new, strong and fashionable roof adding value and street appeal to your home.

Not only is a new Colorbond® roof light weight, it will also handle the seasonal movement in your roof frame with ease and will also cool down in summer quicker than a concrete or terracotta roof tile. We can also offer the installation of a range of insulation products to further optimise the energy efficiency of your new roof.

We will strip and dispose of your old tiles, add new roofing battens to building code of Australia specifications and then install your brand new Colorbond® corrugated roof. We can even fit roof ventilators, refit solar panels and aerial and TV services.

Adelaide Steel roof profiles

We offer over twenty different roof profiles but the most common style found on Adelaide homes is Corrugated Roofing and it’s available in three profile depths. Each one offers differing strength and appearance, from a modern standard profile through to the deep high strength traditional profile of Maximus 33.

Corrugated roofing

Modern Corrugated

This is the industry standard corrugated profile and is the most economical option for re-roofing and cladding. Used on almost all new homes with metal roofs.

Maximus 22 corrugated roofing

Maximus 22

Maximus 22 has a deeper 22mm profile for added strength and can be run at lower roof pitches down to three degrees.

Maximus 33 corrugated roofing

Maximus 33

With a 33mm profile depth Maximus 33 is the highest strength corrugated sheet can be run down to roof pitched of 2 degrees.

Smartspan roofing


Smartspan has a square sheet profile and is suited to contemporary homes or commercial applications. High strength and extremely versatile.

Superdek roofing


High strength and designed specifically for low pitch verandah, lean to and skillion roofs. Available in varying thickness.

Ridge and barge capping


A complete range of barge, ridge, valley and hip flashings and capping designed to suit your home. Available in the full range of colours.

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